Meet Shannon

Meet Shannon Converse, your dedicated ADHD coach based in Charleston, South Carolina, extending her virtual coaching services worldwide. With over 20 years of experience guiding individuals toward optimal health, Shannon is not just a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner but also a Life Coach, Professional Organizer, Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor, and Certified Natural Food Chef. Her educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a Minor in Wellness, providing a holistic foundation for her coaching approach.

Shannon’s mission is to help individuals view their ADHD as a unique strength rather than a burden. As a working mom with ADHD and kids who share the same experiences, she offers a level of understanding that resonates with a variety of clients, particularly young adults in school, professional women, and moms.

Shannon welcomes you to join her on a collaborative journey, navigating life with ADHD and addressing challenges together. No matter the obstacle, Shannon is committed to exploring every avenue to help you achieve a sense of calm and balance in your life.

Shannon’s Coaching Approach

Welcome to a coaching experience that is as unique as you are. Shannon Converse brings a refreshing and transparent style to coaching—one that blends sarcasm, engagement, and unwavering support. In her coaching space, Shannon shines, embodying transparency and commitment to those on their journey of personal growth.

As a skilled listener, Shannon doesn’t just hear; she connects. Armed with a repertoire of thought-provoking questions and a wealth of real-life advice, she believes in the power of true connection, camaraderie, partnership, and mentorship. Shannon’s coaching style is a testament to her dedication to making a genuine impact.

Embracing her own ADHD tendencies, Shannon infuses her coaching sessions with personalization, fun, and a dash of the unexpected. She believes in steering away from the mundane and integrating interests and enjoyment—feeding on the dopamine of discovery.

Shannon understands that everyone has a unique way of approaching challenges. For those who prefer a straightforward plan, she provides it, but she doesn’t stop there. Together, you and Shannon reconstruct the process, delving into the underlying factors that may have held you back or kept you in a cycle of analysis paralysis.

Core values are at the heart of Shannon’s coaching philosophy. She helps you unearth these values, often revealing they’re not what you initially thought. This exploration becomes a compass for making authentic decisions, liberating you from the shackles of decision fatigue.

Shannon’s specialty lies in guiding you out of analysis paralysis and decision fatigue, steering you toward action—messy action. Her ultimate goal? To help you rediscover your true self, embracing both strengths and struggles while recognizing that these aspects do not define who you are. Welcome to a coaching experience that not only transforms actions but refinds your essence in the process.

Envision your life a year from now. What does success look like for you? Whether you’re aiming for personal goals, building strong relationships, or just finding happiness in your day-to-day life, we’re here to help you transform your aspirations into lived experiences.

Laighton C.

“ I hired Shannon to help me navigate my adult ADHD symptoms and improve my overall quality of life. She has followed through ten-fold, and with more fun than I’ve had in any healthcare or therapy services. She helped me develop mental, physical, and emotional tools and methods of functioning uniquely based on my individual life experiences and interests to empower and care for myself. This, in turn, has significantly improved my performance at work, my personal relationships throughout my life, and, most of all, my baseline function as a person in modern society. My work with her is the most fun and best investment I have made for myself and the people around me. ”

Katie H.

“ Shannon is amazing! She has helped our family tremendously with understanding ADHD, nutrition, and giving the kids the tools they need to help themselves. It was terrific to have the kids know more about how their brains work, how it makes them special, and how they can use it to be successful. It helped their confidence. Also, giving them great easy tools to help them accomplish goals has been great and again boosts their confidence. Even the simple plans for nutrition have helped our whole family. Thank you again!! We look forward to continued partnership!!

Danielle S.

“ Shannon’s expert-level attention to detail and relationship building with my son was paramount in establishing a positive report quickly after our sessions began. He looks forward to working with her and references the tools she provides in attacking everyday tasks and responsibilities. ”

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